Before and After


This patient didn’t like the look of his worn front teeth. He had orthodontics to reposition his front teeth and allow us to conservatively place veneers on his top front teeth


This is our final result. Orthodontics and conservatively prepped veneers.


In this instance the existing restoration is breaking down and the patient wanted the tooth restored with a white composite filling. 


This is the end result

Broken Tooth

In this instance this patient broke a cusp. There was a larger white filling placed previously. We discussed placing a crown due to the larger size of the filling needed but the patient chose to have it filled for now. 


Here is the end result of a larger white filling. 

Prepless Veneer

This patient didn’t like the size of her lateral incisor. In this instance, the positioning of her tooth allowed me to simply glue a “prepless veneer”to her tooth. No instrumenting of this tooth was done whatsoever.  In similar instances, if the tooth is not quite in the ideal position, orthodontics may be necessary to obtain a similar result.


The end result.

Failing crown margin

This patient was happy with her teeth but didn’t like the dark around the gumline. A decision was made to redo the existing crown and place a zirconia (porcelain) crown.

End Result

Here we placed a new crown with the margins just below the gumline. We also shortened the edge of her tooth to mimic the natural look of a lateral incisor. 

Staging treatment to keep the budget happy

This patient wasn’t happy with the look of her teeth. The teeth had been filled a number of times over the years using plastic white fillings. Due to the size and age of the fillings, the teeth were losing their luster. Her budget wouldn’t allow for restoring the teeth all at once so we  decided to stage her treatment over a couple of years. Year one we restored her upper canines, the following year we restored the front four teeth up top.

End result of staging treatment over 2 years.

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Worn teeth

Due to poor positioning of her teeth, this patient had significant wear on her teeth. She had undergone orthodontics to move her teeth into this position (seen here). We chose to  place conservatively prepped veneers to lengthen her teeth and improve the esthetics.

Veneers on the front top six teeth

This is the end result of veneers on her front six top teeth. 

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